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Liberated from any artistic tuitional constraints, the painting virus totally consumes me and I don’t ever wish to recover.  Art in all its forms has always been a deep seated passion and I draw my inspiration from the emotional ups and downs of everyday life.  If life is too ‘hunky dory’ then my inspiration runs dry.  

Being slightly impetuous, energetic, enigmatic; a loving wife, a Mother, a Nana and a rebel to boot, I try and find snippets of time to paint almost every day.  Racing against the clock with frivolous abandonment, I paint whatever my mood depicts and this adds to the bare emotion of every canvas I complete. Being a constant doer and a worrier, I find respite in the canvas. My emotions transfer; pouring my energy and my angst into each and every painting. Restoring calm.


The subject of my body of work has been clearly delineated from the start and is fundamentally elemental.  Human Beings and occasionally animals are my chosen element and provide the starting point for my paintings. Anthropology fires and lures my imagination and being extremely sensitive to my fellow humans, I am fascinated by how different we all are in mind, body and soul. I find the human face most especially addictive. By no means am I an historian, but have always felt a connection with the past and am intrigued by everything with age and antiquity.

Women are a prominent aspect of the content of my paintings.  Often staring out from the canvas with a defiant gaze and naked breasts.  Never working  from live models or photographs, and only very occasionally referring to historical reference to trigger my imagination, many might say that some of these portraits in fact may be viewed as parts of my own personality.  And are a way of me dealing with my own insecurities.  Or even an exploration of the many facets which comprise the body I live in, the life I live now, or maybe lived before.


Applying a combination of paint and ink in a very lavish style and on an extravagant scale, I actively encourage the colours to manifest, blend, run and distort, allowing my subjects to reveal themselves. A fragmented face or an eye appears, dictating the mood. They stare and follow. Instinctively, my sensual approach automatically translates to a great sense of emotion and elements of the real and unreal are portrayed in the exuberant characters in evocative, and sometimes awkward poses who emerge and evolve from the canvas.  Each one individual, visceral and unintentional.

Some might say that no formal art education would put me at a disadvantage. I think art should be a world without constraints and limits. Everyone should be allowed to make up their own minds and be able to continually challenge themselves with new concepts. Nothing is inevitable or unchanging in the appraisal of art. In art, there is neither certainty nor permanence.

As a contemporary artist, I want to let go of all authority and let my audience make their own choice.

As I swim against the tide of my fifth decade I find I am becoming a more spiritual person and ever more concerned about the welfare of our planet. Whilst at the same time, rebelling and wanting to live every day as if it were my last. I have always done as I am told, and if taught, then I know I would start to conform. And if my paintings cause debate then that is a positive. Each point of view is important, but there are hundreds of points of view. Art is a very individual and personal experience. A communication between artist and viewer. It is your choice as a viewer to make up your own mind.